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Know how your candles are made, and what you are breathing

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Know how your candles are made, and what you are breathing.


Know how your candles are made, and what you are breathing.

Many candles on the market today are made from the petroleum by-product paraffin, which is a toxic chemical. Once you light that candle, you’re immediately exposing yourself to those toxic fumes – benzene and toluene, to be specific. Most soy candles on the market are not 100% soy, and contain a high percentage of poisonous paraffin.

How to choose a healthier candle

1. Examine the wax ingredients
While some candles may mention just one ingredient (most commonly, soy), Watch that the soy isn’t blended with other ingredients such as petroleum. Additional ingredients can be added to modify the burning characteristics.
2. Inspect candle wicks
Ever wonder how that wick manages to stand straight even when the wax around it is melting? It’s because they’re often made with a blend of metal. And if you look a little closer and see a silvery or dark core in the fabric of the wick, it unfortunately contains lead. While it’s illegal to sell candles that contain more than 0.06 per cent lead in Australia, opting for one completely free of lead will ensure you avoid all health risks.

3. Choose Natural Fragrance
Most scents can be concocted from any combination of thousands of chemicals that companies use and most ingredients are not disclosed, not proven safe, and made of petrochemicals. Choose a fragrance that is made of natural ingredients, there are a range of candles out there that still provide the same calming sensation, with no hidden nasties.


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